Feature Updates: GroupRev Team Fundraising

One thing you will quickly learn about Webconnex (if you haven’t already) is we are constantly working to provide you the latest and greatest in technology.  New releases are a norm with us.

Some of our most recent updates have been with GroupRev, our collaborative fundraising tool.  We now allow for individual team fundraisers to be found from the master project page, and any other page for that matter.

Read below to see some of these recent updates in action.

A.  Project is Active:  Unchecking this box will remove all pages associated with the master fundraising project.  This removes the ability for anyone to make a donation towards this project.  Most people would uncheck this box once a fundraising campaign is over.

B.  Allow Supporters to Accept Offline Donations:  If you wish to give supporters the ability to manually add donations to their page, which will ultimately effect their total raised, check this box.  Otherwise, leave unchecked.

C.  Show All Donors As Anonymous:  When checked, donors will not have the ability to publicly post their name with the donation.



The Teams tab now offers more functionality by allowing individual team member pages to be found from the master page, or from any of their teammate pages.

To view a list of teammates who have created a fundraising page, simply click on the Team Name.  This will reveal the team member names and their fundraising totals.


When an individual’s name is clicked, it will launch their personal fundraising page.


Click Give Now to donate to this individual.  The donation amount will show in their individual total, as well as their overall team total.


Click here to view other recent GroupRev updates.


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