Announcing GroupRev, the new face of fundraising technology

Announcing GroupRev, the new face of fundraising technology


The new face of online fundraising technology is here and it’s only available to Webconnex clients!

·         Raise funding for clean water

·         Providing food for the hungry

·         Funding a race across America team 

·         Racing money for inner city schools

·         Building a school in El Salvador

Meet GroupRev, the latest addition to our family of products and services which allows you to create your own custom donation page and channel funds directly to your charitable group, event or cause.

Created specifically for Webconnex clients, GroupRev will seamlessly link to any of our forms with minimal effort.

We took our time during the development of Grouprev to ensure inclusion of all the essential features our clients have communicated to us as critical to the success of their fundraising efforts:

Deep social media integration linking individual fundraiser pages to Facebook. View real time comments, attract followers and raise awareness fast! Even grandma will be able to log on and offer up words of encouragement.

Graphic design control interface like no other. Upload videos and images to communicate a powerful visual narrative.

Set fundraising goals and track activity with the account thermometer. No more wondering if your efforts are paying off or not!

A global visitor map provides users with a worldwide view of who’s paying a visit to their site. Gain a sense of global importance by tracking your fundraising progress from around the world!

Ease of use and consistent performance are the hallmarks of GroupRev. Unlike competitors who provide awkward interfaces and difficult learning curves, GroupRev gives you the power to create simple templates for fundraisers to use. 

Webconnex users now have enhanced power to monitor campaign progress, limit the options editable by your supporters and set up page templates and signup pages for supporters.

At only 79 cents per donation, our pricing structure is one of the lowest you can expect to find. We want to see you succeed in your efforts rather than remain grounded due to ridiculous fees and charges.

As we developed GroupRev, we engaged in private beta testing with a select group of organizations and individuals to gauge GroupRevs effectiveness. The results generated by our select client group amounted to over 100K raised though GroupRev pages.

Tested and proven, getting started with GroupRev is a quick and simple process. Follow these steps and fundraising success is yours for the taking:

1.     Go to the Webconnex campaign you’d like to use

2.     On the Basics tab, check the box to “Publish form to

3.     Click “Manage”

4.     This will take you to a GroupRev page where you create your master 
        GroupRev account.

5.     Create your fundraising template

6.     Share your link with your fundraisers

7.     Watch as donations and funds begin to accumulate!

GroupRev comes towards the end of a very exciting year for us and we’re looking forward to hearing YOUR success stories in the months to come.

We transform how you do events and fundraise with next generation technology. Our tools are simple to use and affordable. Check out RedPodium, TicketSpice, RegFox, GivingFuel and GroupRev!


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