4 Tips To Keep Your Emails Out Of The Spam Folder Black Hole

Have you ever spent a bunch of time constructing the ‘perfect’ email, only for it to end up in the dark abyss of your recipients’ spam box?  Well I have, and I want to save you from the same headache.  Spam filters look for some key elements to determine whether your email will be considered spam or not.


Here are 4 tips to keep your emails out of the spam folder:

  1. Don’t use ‘spammy’ words.  Whether in the subject line or body of your email, resist the urge to use any of the following words, phrases, or overuse of punctuation. They will surely throw a red flag and fast-track your email right to spam.
    1. Sign Up Now
    2. Try It Free
    3. Free
    4. Limited Time
    5. !!!!
  2.  Don’t send one big image.  If you are constructing an email that contains all of the text and content within an image, that is a surefire way to get blocked.  Not to mention, if your demographic isn’t very email savvy, they might not realize they need to download the images in order to read your email, therefore, ending up in the trash.
  3. Don’t use info@, support@, contact@, etc.  Be more specific and unique with your email address.  Rather than using contact@…. Someone could use ashley@ or raceteam@…..
  4. Don’t use a generic gmail, yahoo, aol or Hotmail account.  For best results, be sure to send/receive from an email address belonging to your organization’s domain name.  For instance, rather than using ashleymellott@gmail.com, I use Ashley@webconnex.com.  Having the domain name in the email address brings credibility to the receiver and to the spam filters.

There are countless ways to beat the spam filters, but the 4 items listed above are a great place to start.  Are there other tips you have found that keep your emails out of the spam folder?  If so, comment below.  We’d love to learn from you.


Team Webconnex Participates in the Shamrock’n Half Marathon

Last Sunday, three of our team members rocked Fleet Feet Sacramento’s 10th Annual Blue Diamond Almonds Shamrock’n Half Marathon.


It was the perfect day for a PR.  Cody ran down a personal best with a finish time of 1:33:01, while Ashley and Aaron completed the day with their first half marathon finish in the books.

Ashley, Aaron and Cody at the Shamrock'n Half Marathon Finish

Aaron and his awesome wife Amber were able to share in the first time finisher experience.  ”It’s really incredible what consistent training can do”, says Aaron.  ”At the beginning of 2014 neither my wife or I were ‘runners’. We had set a goal to do a 5k, and were somehow talked into a half marathon. By starting small and each day pushing ourselves a little further past what we had done the day before, we were able to accomplish something we never imagined.  It’s only March and we blew way past our 5k goal!”

Aaron and his awesome wife Amber completed their first half marathon together.  They trained hard and finished strong.

It was a super fun experience and we look forward to our next half.


Tech Tip Tuesday #13 - Coupon Code To Discount Per Ticket

Here are three easy steps to create coupon codes that are set to apply per ticket; as well as, how to customize the per ticket discount.

Step 1:
 Edit your campaign, enter the coupon tab and select Add Coupon. There you will type in the coupon, the description and campaign you would like it to apply to; just as you would for any other coupon.

Step 2: Then you will enter the amount (fixed dollar or percentage) of the discount and choose either “percent off tickets” or dollar “amount per ticket”.Note: Only use these options if you actually are using the Ticket Box Field in the layout tab of your campaign.
Step 3: Once this option has been selected additional options will appear for you to select the specific type of ticket(s) that you want the coupon to apply to as well as additional customization options.Below you can see how the coupon will function on your form.

For any additional questions or clarification on the per ticket coupon code functionality; don’t hesitate to hop on the chat, email or call into our customer support.

Phone: 888.317.4539 ext. 709
Email: help@webconnex.com

Give Your Form A New Look!

Who doesn’t love a good facelift? Referring, to your forms, of course! We recently updated the design tab with more templates to make designing your from a breeze.

To choose a graphic design template for your form, simply edit the campaign, then enter the Design tab and select “Try one of our free graphic design templates here.” There you can easily select or preview the designs that you would like to use to customize your form. Below are some of the templates to take note of.


Brand Spankin’ New Templates - Burbon, Canvas, Formaility, Simpleton Dark/Light, Wander lust

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.38.15 PM

You will notice some of these templates have customized submit buttons, input fields, with new header and background images as well as additional CSS. Once a design is chosen feel free to customize it further by adjusting font styles, colors, header images and more!

For any tips and tricks on creating a great graphic design on your form, contact Webconnex Support at 888.317.4539 ext. 2.


Fred Factor - Book Review

Our team here at Webconnex always enjoys a swift kick in the pants from a good book. So much so, our Webconnex library of butt kicking books is constantly growing. We figured while we’re devouring these books we would share our favorites with you.

We recently read Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn. Fred Factor is a quick and easy ready with a powerful message leaving you ready to make the most of every encounter, act of service and mundane task. The book features a postal delivery man named Fred and his knack for making the most ordinary of circumstances extraordinary. It covers who “Fred” is, how you can be a “Fred” and how to hire a “Fred”.


After reading Fred Factor, we sat down to chat about our individual takeaway’s from the book. It was fascinating, while not surprising, to see how we each connected with three different aspects from the book, all fitting with who we are and our role on our team.

Aaron, our intellectual, philosophical and harmonious Customer Support Ninja learned from Fred, what a difference one person can make performing even a menial task or job. This quote from the book summarizes it best, ”The person doing the work determines the difference between the mundane and the magnificent.” So something as simple as answering people’s questions over the phone can mean positive, memorable experiences when done with passion and excellence.

Maci our empathetic, Happiness Advocate, who loves investing in others, most resonated with this quote, “Be Kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle”, by Philo Judaeus. When we pick up a support phone call or answer an email, we must keep in mind that each person has a life that has led them to the moment of this conversation. This can drive their approach to their questions and we must be empathetic; because our response has the opportunity to add to their value and make their day brighter.

Ashley our enthusiastic, people oriented, and work centered Director of Awesome First Impressions, focused on how a “Fred” is the kind of employee who will give your company a competitive advantage. The work environment should cultivate the space to allow folks to take risks, be themselves and have some fun. You can also convert your job into one you love, not by doing a different job, but by doing the one you have differently!

If you’re looking for a quick read to help give you a fresh outlook towards your job or life snatch up a copy of Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn. You won’t regret it!


Spice Up Your Form With Custom CSS

We understand, not everyone has a nerdy knack for custom coding (me included).  Sometimes I walk in our developers’ office and feel as though I’ve just stepped into a scene from the Matrix. 
Get ready to have your nerd IQ jump a few notches as we show you a couple coding tricks to spice up your form.  Buckle up!  It’s about to get nerdy!

Step 1:  Edit your formStep 2:  Click to the Design tab

Step 3:  Scroll down to “Additional CSS”

Step 4:  Copy and paste the below code into the Additional CSS field

border: 1px solid #000000;
margin: 20px auto !important;

It should look something like this….


  • Adjust border thickness:  Edit “border: 1px” to be a larger number ie “border: 7px”.
  • Adjust border color:  Edit “#00000″ If you’d like help finding the correct color code, you can click here: http://html-color-codes.info/
  • Shrink or grow the open space at the top of the form:  Edit “margin: 20px”  Make the number larger for a bigger space, or smaller for no space.

That wasn’t so terrible was it?  Now go make your form look awesome!  Your team will be shocked at your new nerdy knowledge.

We’d love to hear from you!  Are there any other nerdy tricks you’ve found helpful when designing your form?  Comment below.


5 Ways To Snap Out Of Writer’s Block

I’m sure by this point you’ve heard the phrase, “content is king”.  If not, maybe you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe you are fresh into your online marketing.  Either way, providing great content is a key way to drive traffic and sales.  This is great news, if you’re a good writer….

What about those of us who struggle to put words together in a cognitive sentence?  Or who are constantly bogged down by writer’s block?  I’m here to tell you, there are more kinds of content than just textual.

Here are five ways to snap out of writer’s block:

1.  Get to snapping:  My favorite way to bust loose from writers block is to start snapping photos.  Now, you’ve shortened your multiple paragraph blog post down to a simple photo caption.  According to HubSpot, photos receive 54% more likes and 104% more comments than text based posts.

2.  Caption this:  Better yet, let your followers come up with a witty caption for you!  People love sharing their two cents.  Simply post a photo with a caption that states, “Caption this!” and you are bound to have an inflow of comments.  Make mention that you will choose the best caption and repost the photo later with the winner.  You just saved yourself the time of coming up with a great caption, while engaging with your followers.  Score!

3.  Let it roll:  If you aren’t adding video to your online content, your media might be a little bland and dry.  Spice things up with a quick, fun video.  Maybe you’re better at talking than you are writing.  If so, totally go the video route.  It has a double bonus, because your constituents are able to put a face to the name and you get to add a little personality to your company.

4.  Fact or fiction:  Post some fun or interesting facts on your company, organization or industry.  You can even encourage and increase engagement by turning this into a fun contest by asking people to vote fact or fiction.

5.  Interview:  Instead of you coming up with all of the content, just come up with some interesting questions and let your interviewee provide you with all the content you need.Give these five tactics a try to quickly snap out of writer’s block and into some awesome posts.

Are there other tips or strategies you use to snap out of writer’s block?  We’d love to hear them.  Comment below and maybe we’ll feature some of your ideas in an upcoming post.


4 Key Elements To A Thank You

We can all agree a genuine thank you, goes a long way. Here are four things you can do to ensure donors feel appreciated after they have generously given to your organization.

1.  Tell donors how their funds directly impact the cause.  Give their donation a face value, this will provide your donor with confidence that their donation is making a difference and increase the chances of continued support.

2.  Explain to donors how their donations are impacting overall fundraising. Paint a picture of the progress, donations like theirs, have made, while also sharing your future goals can build your donors excitement for your organization.

3.  Give donors other opportunities to continually be involved. Now that they have given their money to your organization, they feel personally connected to your cause. Provide donors with opportunities to continually be involved with your organization, even in ways beyond financial investment.

4.  Ask for continued support. After thanking a donor, it is important to briefly explain why continued support is needed in order to help sustain your organization. Click here for more tips on how to gain confidence to ask.

Keep in mind an appreciated donor is a happy donor and a happy donor and a happy donor is a generous donor. Also don’t be afraid to be creative with your approach to the thank you. Try a thank you video; that is sure to be memorable and lead into continued support.


Gain Confidence To Ask in 2014

Many of us were taught manners as children; one of these was, we must never impose or ask for too much. Instead, we should simply be thankful for what have. A successful non-profit organization can only exist by receiving donations from others; this requires us to step outside of our comfort zone. Here are five helpful ways to gain the confidence to ask in 2014!
1.  Know your facts. It is important to be knowledgeable about the cause your organization is fundraising for. When a potential donor is inquiring about your organization, you will be at ease to confidently provide the information needed to lead them to give.
2.  Be able to say in a few sentences why you are moved by the cause. Humans are emotional beings. When others express how the cause has moved them, it has the potential of pulling on the heart strings of the potential donor. This can lead to future donations and commitment to your organization.
3.  Address how you are invested in the cause. Explaining your evolvement will allow a potential donor to picture their potential investment in the organization; whether it be emotionally, financially, or physically.
4.  Give a specific need and tie a dollar amount to it. For example, “$150 donation will cover a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four”. Providing a donor with specifics of what their money is going toward makes their donation tangible.
5.  Ask. Just ask. No need to be afraid especially after preparing yourself with the above steps you will be ready to answer any question that my arise.
Bonus Tip! Now that you’ve asked, be sure to make giving super easy. Be prepared to email them a link or direct them on their smart phone where they can give.
Double Bonus Tips! Two things to remember - Chances are, you won’t just ask once, you will most likely need to follow up multiple times; and don’t forget to thank them! More on that to come in future posts.

Happy New Year! We plan on rocking 2014

Each year, Webconnex sets out to make waves in each industry in which we operate.  For the past 5 years, we have consistently broken personal records and grown at a steady pace.  This year, we are gearing up for what we believe will be our biggest year yet!

Here are some fun and some serious ways we plan on kicking butt in 2014!

  • We will be sure everyone stays amp’d for the awesomeness with our daily dose of Red Bull!
  • We will be announcing the release of our highly anticipated Webconnex 4.0 platform!
  • We will be getting fit – as a team!  Even our developers will be breaking a sweat while training for their first 5k.  (Stay tuned for photos and updates.  They are hilarious)
  • We will be changing the world with our incredibly innovative, never before seen features and functionalities.
  • We will be growing.  With the release of our new platform, we are already anticipating the influx of new sign-ups and want to ensure our growing client base continues to receive top notch support.  Again, stay tuned for the announcement of ‘Employee #9”, we are confident you will love him!
  • We will be actively posting on our blog with feature releases, announcements and great industry tips and tricks.
  • We will be giving back.  In 2014, Webconnex will donate a (soon to be announced) amount of money to some very worthy causes.  What we do day to day empowers us to multiply the efforts of others.

We’d love to hear how you plan on kicking butt in 2014.  Comment below or Facebook or Tweet us.

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